Pieniny hermitage and its inhabitants: Stachura and Kasprowicz

It was made by an accident and for almost half a century was creating a part Pieniny’s character. read more

It was made by an accident and for almost half a century was creating a part Pieniny’s character. The hermitage on Góra Zamkowa attracted tourists with stories about St. Kinga, special flavor of tea and eccentric customs of its inhabitants. Although their surnames can be associated with literature, they have their places in the history of Pieniny not as the men of letters, but as hermits. It all started 600 years after Kinga’s death, when it was proposed to forge a cave in a rock and place there the figure of the blessed duchess. The figure was officially blessed in 1904. Since that time, the annual holy mass takes place there on every Sunday closest to the St. Kinga’s day. And the figure, renovated lately, stands there until today.

When the works were finished, the first hermit of Pieniny, Władysław Stachura moved in to a shed left behind by the workers. His cheerful figure disappeared from the Pieniny landscape during the 1st World War. Then a new hermit appeared, Wincenty Kasprowicz, who has lived in the hermitage for 25 years. His intriguing figure was well remembered by the inhabitants of Krościeńko nad Dunajcem and attracted many visitors. Thanks to him, every day a bells ring sounded over the mountains. The hermit himself went down to the town every morning to take part in the holy mass. But he was mostly famous for the place he slept in, which was a coffin. Moreover, he made great tea, which he served to visitors, when they actively listened to his stories about the miracles of St. Kinga. Thanks to memorial books, the notes glorifying this tasty drink have survived until today.

The figure of Wincenty Kasprowicz has its place in literature as well, thanks to Jan Wiktor, a Cracovian writer and devoted admirer of Pieniny. The hermit was the central figure of the episodes in his short stories and novels.

When in 1949 the hermitage was burnt by a thunder, the authorities of Pieniny Natural Park didn’t allow its renovation. The hermit left the mountains and settled down in Poznań.

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