Partisan group Čapajev

After 1944 the partisan group Čapajev, which organized attacks or sabotages, tried to arm itself. It was the intersection of the Soviet partisan units that were participating in combat marches. read more

In 1943 Soviet military occupiers started invading Slovakia, which was a direct result for forming partisan groups and partisan activity. Local groups prepared several various attacks.

Čapajev Group

In May 1944 the partisan group Čapajev attacked the border financial guard in the towns of Kalinowe and Vydrani, the military section in the town of Radom, military car between the villages of Adidivce and Zubné. Furthermore, it disarmed the field security section in the town of Kríže and broke the far-reaching German cable near the town of Rakovčík. This group, through its attacks, tried to acquire both the equipment and weapon, which was also bought from the illegal labourers.

Joining partisan detachments

Local, regional and zhupa [eng. district] force powers and military or informative units were acting against the group. Not only borders and financial institutions were supervised, but also field security sections were organized. Meetings of the partisans and military policemen resulted in exchange of fire and murders.

After the 15 August 1944 also the Čapajev group joined the Soviet partisan groups from Poland with the groups from western Ukraine. The Čapajev group also owned the airport where partisan organizational groups were staying. Their composition was supplemented with the members of the Čapajev partisan group who jointly organized combat marches in central and western Slovakia.


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