Carpathian endemics - fauna

The species of animals living only on certain territory are called endemics. They are also present in Slovakia. The most important of them are Tatra chamois , Tatra marmot, Snow Vole, Branchinecta paludosa and Carpathian blue slug. read more

Tatra chamois (Marmotamarmotalatirostris)

A rodent, living only in High Tatrasm, mostly on a rocky terrain with islands of lichens on the upper subaline border and in the lower part of Alpine stripe. Its characteristic features are incisors, front paws with long and strong claws and long furry tail. Its senses are well-developed. It eats plants, an from November to May sleeps in a burrow with other specimen. In tatras National Park there are 800 Tatra marmots and they are protected. 

Tatra chamois (Rupicaprarupicapratatrica). High Tatras are the homeland of Tatra chamois. It lives in the upper border of forest, 1700 m above sea level. In winter the animal is protected by thick fur, which in summer becomes red and brown. Its muzzle is white with two black stripes going from eyes to nostrils. One of the typical elements for Tatra chamois are white stains on hips. Thanks to thick and strong limbs these animals can easily move in such a wild environment. During the first year of life young chamoises get horns which then are bent in the 2nd year. Chamoises eat plants and lichens. They live for 15-20 years. This endangered species is strictly protected.

Carpathian blue slug (Bielziacoerulans)

This is a rare species in the whole slug family. It lives in a humid environment of Carpathian deciduous and mixed forests. It has a characteristic blue colour.

Snow Vole (Chionomysnivalis)

This is one of the biggest voles, which lives only on a forest's border.


As a glacial relic you can find it only in a one of lakes in Furkotská valley. It lives for 4 to 6 months.

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