The pig slaughter

In every Slovakian household a traditional Slovakian pig slaughter has been held regularly until today regularly. The effects are plenty of meat delicacies, like: the baked nape, black puddings, sausages and a liver pâté. read more

According to the majority of farmers and their wives a good time for killing a pig is coming when the pig is achieving 120 kilogrammes and the entire family meets.

Preparations for the pig slaughter begin a few days earlier: one should prepare the special place, sharpen knives and to buy necessary ingredients. In the morning of the pig slaughter day, the housewife prepares water to clean the piglet. The butcher kills the piglet, is removes the bristle and washes the meat. The cleaned piglet is put on the table, on which the butcher portions it and prepares the delicacies. The housewife sets the fire in the stove, and then the women cook, clean the intestines and melt the fat.

The tasting of meat products will delight all gourmets, who participate in the pig slaughter. Traditionally, the tasty parboiled soup is being served, so-called rajcupka with cabbage, meat and mushrooms; the baked nape and the parboiled meat or the exceptional jelly, the pâté with bacon and liver, the black pudding and sausages. The pork fat sausages are being prepared for smoking, and all the participants of the pig slaughter get their favourite black puddings with the addition of the meat, as a kind of payment.

Once, the pig slaughter was a chance for paying: young people from the village frequently dressed up as the group of beggars who came to the household searching for the slice of the delicious meat. If such beggars managed to entertain the residents, they were given some meal.

It is possible today to feel the atmosphere of the traditional local pig slaughter in the before Christmas period, during  the Christmas in Poprad or Levoca and other towns of Presov land, like: Šuňava, Vikartovce, Ladomirová, Kravany, Svidník district, Stropkov, as well as in the Spis shepherd's hut.

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