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Military cemetery, Humenné

Three stone crosses surround the memorial place from the First World War. The group of military cemeteries in Humenné, which have undergone renovation, hides the fate of the fallen soldiers. read more

The area of the civil cemetery in Humenné is the final resting place for as many as 1248 fallen soldiers who died during the First and Second World Wars. Due to the large number of graves, there was established in Humenne an independent group of military cemeteries which hide in themselves the 58 single and 23 mass graves.


The cemetery is located near the road towards the village Brestov. It is located on a slope, opposite the city part of Kudlovce. The cemetery was reconstructed in 1991, when all military graves were levelled and grass was seeded on them. The memory of the soldiers are symbolic stone crosses and the monument with the Latin cross.


Fallen soldiers of many nationalities


Although at the military cemetery were buried over a thousand soldiers, they managed to find the identity only for about two hundred of them. Based on these data, it was found that at the military cemetery lie 33 Czech and Slovak soldiers, 9 Italian, 24 Hungarian, 22 Polish, 23  Romanian, 51 Russian, and 50 Yugoslav, and 2 Austrian.


Records of the fallen soldiers based on the research  


Currently, a comprehensive analysis of the records being in the archives of the cemetery in Humenne is carried out. The conducted research should help to determine the identity of the other soldiers and to improve the existing data.

Address: Vojenský cintorín, Mestský Cintorín Humenné, Humenné

Contact to the Council of Humenné City: 057 775 28 13


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