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Rigoľský Waterfall

Rigoľský Waterfall is located in Monkova Valley, which is one of the two open valleys in Bielianske Tatras. The range has a Bielanska Cave, which is open to the tourists. read more

Height: 12 m

Width: 1 m

Height: 1,375 m above sea level

Origin: selective, cracks

Location: Monkova Valley

River: Rigoľský Stream


Rigoľský Waterfall is located in Monkova Valley.

Monkova Valley lies on the North side of the Bielanske Tatras, protected as a natural reserve. The valley is open periodically (in the summer) and constitutes one of the only two valleys that is available to the tourists in the Bielanske Tatras (the other being the Seven Springs Valley).

Bielanske Tatras are a mountain range in the Eastern part of the Tatras. Their highest peak, Havran (2151.50 m AMSL) is not available to the tourists due to environment protection. The first inhabitants were the shepards in the 14. century. The Bielanska Cave, available to the tourists, is located there.

Rigoľský Waterfall can be seen from the educational trail (marked in green) leading through the Monkova Valley to the Wide Pass. 

Attractions in the area: Monkova Valley, Seven Springs Valley, Rigoľský Stream, Bielanske Tatras, Bielanska Cave, Wide Pass

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