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ŠJK Jagal, Mengusovce

Horse tourism, riding school, skijoring, Mengusovce's rodeo. You can find all these in the beautiful region of High Tatras. ŠJK Jagal Riding Club is located in Mengusovce village. It was founded by Javorek and Gallo, the riders successful in endurance and western style horse riding. read more

In Mengusovce village you are surrounded by the beauty of nature and high-mountains air. In 1995 Jagal riding club was established here, the horse tourism opportunity in the village. The stable was established by Miroslav Javorek and Vratislav Gallo, whose surnames also were the basis of the name (JA-Javorek, GAL-Gallo). In the past they were both active in Hipotur riding club, and there, under the supervision of Jan Gallo they learned the bases of riding sports and how to take care of horses. At the beginning they were concerned mostly about horse teams and they had good scores in this discipline. Later on, they became successful in endurance and western style horse riding. They continued this way also after establishing ŠJK Jagal and had also many successes thanks to their horse friends. Their first own horses were an Anglo-Arabian mare called Grenada and a shagya called Sarah. In unfortunate year 2005 Miroslav Javorek had to leave Grenada and quit his riding activity due to health problems.  Currently he works as a riding trainer. Vrastislav Gallo still participates in endurance competitions.


ŠJK Jagal riding club offers riding a horse, riding courses for beginners, fields rides or rides on a riding arena for advanced riders. In winter the guests can try skijoring (dragging the skier behind the horse).

Mengusovce's rodeo

Mengusovce are famous for rodeo, organised since 1996 by Jagal and Hipotur clubs and the landlords of the village.

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