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Tatra National Park

The beauty of nature of unspeakable proportions, rich fauna and diverse flora can be admired by tourists in the Tatra National Park, which belongs do UNESCO’s biosphere reserve and was proclaimed the first national park in Slovakia. read more

The Tatra National Park (TANAP) was proclaimed the first national park in Slovakia in 1949 and is also one of the UNESCO’s biosphere reserves. The peculiarity of this protected area is its frontier location. About a fifth of the Tatras along with the park lie in Poland.

The park is basically made for tourism, as it’s mainly a rocky terrain. The main part of the park lies in the Tatra mountain range and has many peaks, from which as much as ten exceed the height of 2600 metres above sea level. The highest mountain is Gerlach Peak (2655 metres ASL).

The beauty of the park is also thanks to unique flora and fauna. The forests are mainly spruce, fir with European larches. In elevations over 1850 metres above sea level the Tatras are covered in typical mountain pines.

The flora here is very rich and diverse. Over 1300 species of higher plants grow here. The most notable part are the Alpine and central-European species accompanied by many of Arctic-Alpine descent. The most precious ones are Ranunculus alpestris, Euphrasia picta, Primula halleri and plants endemic to the Western Carpathians - Saxifraga wahlenbergii, Stračonôžka tatranská, Dianthus nitidus, Alpine poppy, mountain avens, Alpine bearberry, Lesser Spearwort and many others.

The park’s fauna is a mainstay of animals such as the Tatra chamois, Alpine marmot, European Snow Vole, brown bear, grey wolf, Eurasian lynx and wildcat. This region is also home to many birds of prey, like the golden eagle, peregrine falcon, common kestrel. TANAP is also inhabited by owls – Eurasian pygmy-owl, Eurasian eagle-owl and tawny owl.

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