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Michal Vdovec

Punkt na szlaku: On the ruffians’ paths

Michal Vdovec was a Gemer highland robber who is known for the slogan: „Soul to God, money for me". He gave the poor what he took from the rich. Due to this, he was persecuted by the tavern owners, gendarmes and soldiers, and imprisoned in Plešivec a number of times. He was hanged in 1833. read more

Michał Vdovec from Henkovce was a Gemer highland robber famous for the saying: „Soul to God, money for me". He operated near Rožňava, Dobšina, Jelšava, Štítnik, in the Spiš region and in central Slovakia. What he took away from the rich, he distributed among the poor, which earned him considerable admiration. Michal Vdovec (Vdovčík, Dovec) is called the Gemer Janosik.

At the same time, he was the great foe of the tavern owners, gendarmes and soldiers. After a number of years, the latter captured him in Kobeliarov and imprisoned in Plešivec. He managed to escape the punishment a number of times thanks to the valuable help of his companions. He was hanged on Pališove Pole near Henkovce in 1833. His 30-year-old corpse was kept on the gallows until only its skeleton remained, as a threatening measure for other rebellious individuals. His skull is located in the Betliar Palace among the Graf Andrássy belongings. The Vdovčíková studnička creek flows near the place where the gallows was mounted and reminds of the highland rebel Michal Vdovec.

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