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Nestville is a unique exhibition, showing the history and traditional crafts of the Hniezdne city and eastern Slovakia, as well as the ways of processing and the harvest of cereal, and the production of the spirit from the 13th century until today. read more

BGV Distillery

In 2001 in Hniezdne town in 2001 a BGV company was established, which started the  production of the spirit in a high-effective distillery. This is a modern refinery, which produces the high-quality ethyl alcohol intended for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Thanks to the exhibition, the company also referred to the distilling industry, which existed there in the past. What has changed in it throughout 300 years? This is what the guests of the Nestville exhibition will learn.

Unique exhibition

The aim of this unique project was to create the place resembling the history of the smallest royal city - Hniezdne and the eastern Slovakia region, and at the same time, to introduce the residents and tourists to all activities connected with growing and using grains, including the production of the spirit. And all these in a traditional way, which was applied in northern Spis from the 13th century until today.

The inauguration ceremony

The exposition of traditional folk craft and the distilling industry was opened on the 30th of June 2012 in a big way. The atmosphere was created by well-known Czech and Slovakian musicians (Gladiátor, Desmod, Vidiek, Nedvědovci and other), Jean Claude van Damme’s presence was a great joy to the guests, as well as different attractions and exhibitions. Other parts of the programme were the fair, the traditional crafts shows and vodka degustation.

The biggest painting in Europe

The traditions and the past life of the citizens are reminded by the biggest painting in Europe, weighing over a ton. It is a wooden painting created by local sculptors from the Hniezdne city. It is  2.15 m high and 6.15 m wide. It shows the agriculture and the of life of the citizens in the 13th century.

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