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Educational path to Belianska Cave

The beauty of the Belianske Tatras and hidden corners of Belianska Cave may be admired by tourists thanks to the educational path. At the route of 890 m, there are 6 stops with the information boards so that visitors may learn the secrets of Slovak nature and its living organisms. read more

Basic information

Type of the path: sightseeing, experimental, non-guided, straight, hiking, summer and winter

Elevations: 122 m

Duration of the trip: 45 minutes, in case of visiting the cave 1,5-2 hours

Terrain difficulty level: moderately difficult

Length: 890 m

The compact, 14 km long limestone ridge of the Belianske Tatras hides one of the most important caves in Slovakia – Belianska Cave. Tourists have easy access to it thanks to the educational path, the beginning of which is in the Tatra Valley. At the route of 890 m, there are 6 stops with the information boards entitled: Educational path to Belianska Cave, Geology and geomorphology, Forest species and land, Vegetation, Living organisms and Living organisms in the cave. The cave itself is available for tourists and the tour takes more than an hour. Tourists are tempted not only by hiking around the attractive Belianske Tatras but also by the visit to the the cave with the beautiful, sinter waterfalls and corners.

Belianske Tatras

The Belianske Tatras are popular among tourists thanks to the beautiful and noteworthy limestone and dolomite walls with steep grassy slopes and rich vegetation.  The highest peak is inaccesible Havran (2151,5 m above sea level).

Text guide: Guide on the educational path to Belianska Cave (1998)

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