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The Woman Who Strayed at Mały Wawel (the “Small Wawel”) – the “Mały Wawel” Renaissance Castle in Sucha Beskidzka.

The Sucha Beskidzka Land and its major town, Sucha Beskidzka – why then all these signposts pointing to “Wawel”... Is there some technical mistake at work? Or is it a large detour to Kraków? Of course not!

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“Mały Wawel”, which is a Renaissance castle in Sucha Beskidzka, was built as early as in 1554. Initially a fortified manor, it was elevated to the present-day status owing to the graciousness of its subsequent owners and their wealth.

The beauty of this castle has been recognised by many architecture and arts experts, as well as adventure seekers, some of whom have become obsessed with meeting a certain Lady.

More specifically, legend has it that every now and then there comes a time, and no-one exactly knows when, when the spectre of Anna Konstancja Wielkopolska emerges. Once a merciless ruler of her subjects, now she lurks around her former property and haunts...who is it that she actually haunts?

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