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Ski jumping hills and an unusual lake – Štrbské Pleso – a resort and a body of water

A lake and a non-lake. Not far from each other, equally inviting and visitor-exciting. What’s that? read more

Štrbské Pleso, a resort, with a body of water within its limits that has the same name, is the highest-located tourism and health resort in the High Tatras.

The lake, in turn, is not so much peculiar as interesting, as it has neither tributaries nor estuaries. The only way its waters leave it is by evaporation or by soaking into the ground.

If you are in for some adrenaline rush, try bungee jumping from one of the two K-120 ski jumping hills.

Details, pictures and other interesting information can be found on

- a note about the lake (

- a gallery of the lake with brief information (

- the resort gallery with a short note about its history (

- about the resort, including its gallery (

- some practical guides on bungee jumping from the ski jumping hills (available in the Slovak language) (

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