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The castle in Czchów

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A lofty, stone tower is all that remains of the old castle. It is cylindrical-shaped, with an external diameter of 12.5 m, and a height of 20 m, and its walls are 2 m thick. Beside the tower there are long fragments of circular stone walls, the substructure of which is wholly preserved, while the part above ground only partly. read more

On a steep hill above the town of Czchów, there are the ruins of a guard tower from the early 14th Century – remnants of a castle erected on the foundations of an old castle from the 13th Century. The castle served as a stronghold on the trade route crossing the Dunajec River Valley. There was a customs house to collect charges from merchants travelling that route. In the 16th and 17th Centuries the castle served as a prison. In the 18th Century only the tower described above remained of it. In the 1920s maintenance works were conducted there and the tower was covered with reinforced concrete. The remaining fragments of the walls are made of the same material as the tower (broken sandstone on lime mortar). This implies that both structures might have been built in the same period. Archaeological research shows that the castle was built in the High Middle Ages, that is the early Gothic period in Małopolska. It would have been around the 13th and 14th Centuries, and around that time castles were built in Rytro and the nearly-located Melsztyn, with similar functions as the castle in Czchów.



Near the town of Czchów, on a rock



National road No. 75 (Brzesko – Nowy Sącz). Turn from the town of Czchów to the castle ruins.


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