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Antecedent gorges of the Dunajec River – Kłodne nad Dunajcem (the Green Gorge), and the Pieniny Gorge of the Dunajec)

A trip down the Pieniny gorge of the Dunajec on traditional rafts is probably the greatest attraction found around Krościenko. The impressive vertical rock walls and the meandering river bed, combined with rafters’ stories about the mountains, will stay in your memory for a long time. Should the raft float a little further, it would reach another gorge just beyond Krościenko. read more

On the path between Krościenko and Zabrzeż, along road 969, the Dunajec gorge appears quite different from the Pieniny section. The best view is around Tylmanowa, where there is a large meander, or the stretch parallel to Kłodne. The river in this area divides Gorce on the left bank from the Beskid Sądecki. From the geological perspective, both gorges are antecedent in character. Gorges of this type are created through the transverse elevation of some part of the river valley, and the rate of the river erosion keeps up with the elevation rate, forming a narrow valley with steep slopes (see picture). The majority of the Beskidy and Pieniny gorges of the Dunajec River developed at the beginning of the Pleistocene (Zuchiewicz 1984), when some tectonic blocks were raised above the one surrounding them.

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