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Pannonica Folk Festival

Punkt na szlaku: Carpathian Party

Pannonica Folk Festival – is a cultural showpiece of the Sądecczyzna Land (Sądecczyzna) and apotheosis of diversity, multiculturalism and musical wealth of Poland and the whole New Europe.
It takes place in the charming Poprad valley, on the historical migration route of people and cultures from the area of Pannonia* to the north of Europe.
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* "Pannonia" - name of a former Roman province, covering areas of present-day Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia. In botany, “Pannonic element" means plants typical for the Black Sea grasslands and Hungarian Hortobágy (The Puszta), and in Poland they are found only in specific habitats, mainly in xerothermic grasslands on steep slopes of valleys of large rivers, on soils rich in calcium. (source:

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