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Małopolska Park of Spatial Recreation

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Małopolska Park of Spatial Recreation is addressed to a wide range of people who want to take advantage of the offer of active recreation. Wide range of services offered in the park invites young people who like to spend their free time actively, as well as families with small children who want to spend their free time actively in the open air. read more

Installed devices allow to improve physical fitness of children and young people, as well as to acquire new skills. An important element of the undertaking is adaptation of the Park for people with disabilities who can use this place.

1. A public play area for children - swings, sandboxes with belt conveyor and mini excavator, benches, carousels, square with trampolines, obstacle courses (swinging beams, a path that uses the sense of balance, etc.).

2. Restricted access zone - rope pyramids, obstacle courses in space.

3. Family climbing zone - mini climbing walls, including natural elements of the landscape/nature, e.g. boulders adapted for climbing, also for the youngest ones.

4. Bicycle area - a bicycle town with full infrastructure necessary for learning how to ride a bicycle on the road.

5. Relax zone - Rest zone. The area is located far away from the traffic. At the same time, the zone is designed in such a way that it is possible to use this space as a meeting place for more people. This zone will contain a summerhouse, benches and outdoor stage.

6. Skatepark - a new track with devices made of materials resistant to weather conditions.

7. Outdoor gym zone - incorporation of the existing gym in the Schwerte Forest to the Park of Spatial Recreation.

8. Area of biologically active areas, communication area, complementary elements.

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