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Przehyba will probably surrender

We start our journey in the village which history dates back to 1276. In 1378 Gaboń became the ownership of the starosądecki (Old Sącz) nun Agnieszka, the daughter of prince Władysław Opolczyk [eng. Vladislaus II of Opole]. We will soon go to the trail where the founder of the monastery – saint Kinga was running away on. She was hacking through the forests of the Radziejowa range towards the Pieniny mountains. There were partisans in the same forests during the ocupation. read more

The difficulty of the trail: Gaboń 49°3201N 20°3338E –> Przehyba 49°2756.1N 20°3336E *****

This is the journey for the strong ones. Although the road is rather comfortable and covered with asphalt almost till the end, it is still steep and it is a substantial dose of effort even for the hikers. It is considered to be suitable for more ambitious and fit cyclists who try conquer the Beskids. Experienced hand-bikers should cover the distance without any problems, those on wheelchairs will need support, an it has to be a strong support. The distance – a little bit more than 7 kilometers and the elevation make the impression – there is more than half of the kilometer elevation to be overcome between Gabon (520 meters above sea level) and Przehyba (1173 meters above sea level). An especially great challenge is the last few hundred meters, which has to be covered on the surface without asphalt.

There is about 200 meters from the parking in w Gabon to the barrier closing the road to Przehyba. This place is full of afterthought. This is were the plate commemorating the death of the landlord of the lodge at Przehyba: Jan Bielak. He died in the winter of 1994 while he was riding down on the scooter. He did not manage to get through before the barrier closed. The ride up the hill will be steep! At the beginning the elevation is moderate, later on it becomes steep. This is better visible from our trail when we see the tower of the television transmitter. That is where one has to climb onto. On our way we pass the field altar and the Stone of Saint Kinga (49°28'25"N 20°32'34"E), where – as the legend says – the duchess rested, while she was running away from the Tatars from the monastery in Old Sącz towards the Pieniny mountain range (1285). One can notice the shape of a stool in the sandstone block.

In a moment we will find our way to the place from where one can see very clearly the panorama sight of the Sądecka Valley and it is here where one has to be ready for the most difficult phase of the trail. The highest point of the expedition – the top of the hill (with the broadcast network pole) is 1140 meters. If we want to get to the mountain lodge we have to go a bit down the hill.

PTTK [eng. Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society] plans to adjust this building to the needs of the disabled people; it would be the first Beskids mountain lodge of that type. There is supposed to be a driveway and a bathroom with facilities for the disabled. Moreover, one can see the beautiful sight of the Tatra Mountains from the terrace in the condition of the clear air.

Details concerning the trail:

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