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The Celebrations of Singing and Dancing in Šariš (Šarišské slávnosti piesní a tancov), Raslavice

Punkt na szlaku: Folklore events

The celebrations of Singing and Dancing in Šariš take place at the beginning of every summer in Raslavice. Every year, both Slovakian and foreign dancers and folklore singers perform in the amphitheatre under the open sky. read more

At the beginning of summer Raslavice are visited by many guests from Slovakia and abroad. They come here to participate in a festival called The Celebrations of Singing and Dancing in Šariš. Its first edition took place in 1968, and its organization was inspired mostly by long-lasting successes of the Village Folklore Group Raslavičan.

Thea im of the festival is to present and celebrate the tradition by folk music, singing and dancing. Throughout over 40 years of the festival’s existence, the festival hosted artists from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Israel. The atmosphere of the festival is created also by an amphitheatre containing places for 5000 viewers. Other elements of the program are also: a march through the town in folk costumes, the most beautiful graveyard and the best decorated window contests and an exhibition about tradition and folk crafts in the Gallery of Folk Art.

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