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St. Luke the Evangelist orthodox church in Brežany

The only wooden church in Presov poviat, St. Luke the Evangelist orthodox church in Brežany, still functions as a sacral object: in historical interiors there are regular services being conducted. read more

St Luke the Evangelist  Greek-catholic orthodox church in Brežany village (today a Roman-catholic chuch) built in 1727 in gothic style is one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia. The monument is characterized by a detached tower. By cutting out deep holes in two adjacent boards little windows were made. The holes were glazed and equipped with single iron crates.

In a plastered interior there is the main altar from 1782 in baroque style. The column construction placed on a brick foundation a painting is placed, showing Holy Mother’s coronation, painted by Francis Ferdinand. Attention should be also paid to two side altars: Pieta and Christ with the Book of Life from the second half of the 18th. The choir comes from the same period, whose part is a window stool with the scenes of Passion with Cyrillic inscription.

Baroque iconostasis was made in 1773 and is characterized by traditional byzantine scheme of icons arrangement. Under the main icon of Christ there is a Latin inscription saying: The Founder of the Holy Orthodox Church and the Whole Works, namely Soltis Teodor Demeteri with his Wife Marianna, Anno Domini 1733”.

Berezany church is nowadays a division of Roman-catholic parish in nearby Bajerov and has a status of a national culture monument.

Local attractions: Spis, Levoca, Spiš , the Spiš Chapter, St Jacob church, St Vladislav church, Zapolski chapel

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