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St. Paraskeva Church, Dobroslav

The wooden Greek-catholic st. Paraskeva Church in Dobroslav village was built on the Greek cross plan and therefore it is a unique building of such type in Slovakia. But it isn’t the only reason why the church is present on the UNESCO World Heritage List. read more

The wooden Greek-catholic St. Paraskeva Church in Dobroslav village in Svidnik poviat comes from 1705. The depression where the village is located was named the Valley of Death during the Second World War. Particularly hard battles took place here, which is proved by the ammunition still being found in the area.

During multiple modernisations of the church, two side chapels were added, changing the original plan into a Greek cross plan. Thanks to that the wooden orthodox church in Dobroslav is the only building of this type in the Slovakian part of the Carpathians. The characteristic elements of a Greek-catholic church are three cupolas placed on different levels. The roof of the tower has a shape of a cut pyramid.  On the main tower a bell was located in 1790. The nearby cemetery belongs to the church and is fenced.

The most precious element of the church’s interior is a five-row iconostasis from the 18th century presenting scenes from the New Testament. The upper part includes the icons of St. Nicolas the bishop, the Mother of God of Hodegertia type, Christ the Teacher and St. Paraskeva. The construction upper part is a three-armed cross with the Holy Mother and St. John the Evangelist pictures on both sides.

St. Paraskeva Church in Dobroslav belongs to the group of wooden orthodox churches of eastern Slovakia present on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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