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St Francis of Assisi church, Hervatov

St Francis of Assisi church in Hervatov village is the oldest and the best preserved wooden church in Slovakia. It attracts visitors with marvelous wall paintings from the 17th century, thanks to whom the church was put on the UNESCO Heritage List. read more

A wooden Roman Catholic St Francis of Assisi church in Hervatov was built of red spruce in gothic style at the end of the 15th century. The monument is located on a small hill in the centre of Hervatov village in Bardejov poviat. The church is surrounded by a stone fence with a roof, reminiscent of a small fortification.

The inside consists of  a a three-side closed presbytery, an aisle, and a vestibule converted into a temple porch. The body is crowned with a bell tower.

Whereas the outside looks of the oldest wooden church on the Slovakian side of the Carpathians hasn’t changed, the interior has undergone numerous renovations, with signs of reformation and re-catholisation in baroque style. Rich decorations of interior walls consist of an original composition of geometric figures and the scenes of saints’ lives. In the 70s of the 20th century the original polychrome decoration from 1655 and 1805 was renovated. The antique panel pictures are precious as well.

The interior is dominated by st. Catherine, the most holy Virgin Mary and st Barbara altar, reconstructed in the second half of the 1990s. Among valuable elements of the interior  one can also mention the late-gothic picture of st. Francis of Assisi, st. Cristopher and st. Catherine of Alexandria.

Since 1968 the church in Slovakian village with German roots has been a national monument. Together with other  wooden churches from Carpathians territory it was put on UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007.

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