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St Basil the Great Greek-catholic church in Snina

Hrabová Roztoka village in Snina poviat attracts people not only with antique St Basil the Great orthodox church, but also nearby Havešová primeval forest providing the experience of wild nature. read more

A wooden St Basil the Great Greek-catholic church in Snina poviat was built in 1750. The temple dominates over Hrabová Roztoka village and is an important monument in the Slovakian part of the Carpathians. This is a three-parts log building covered with shingle roof with two little towers, built on a stone foundation, on a hill over the village.

The baroque style interior comes from the 18th century and the iconostasis is supposed to come from the end of that century. Among the valuable elements of the accessories one can mention a unique gothic trunk.

The tourists visiting Hrabova Roztoka can admire, beside the antique wooden orthodox church,  the picturesque landscape of that territory  - there is a unique primeval forest Havešová (the remains after  Carpathian beechwood forests), present on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2007.

Local attractions: Havešová primeval forest

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