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The Holy Trinity church in Kežmarok

The Holy Trinity church in Kežmarok is one of best preserved antique churches in Slovakia. This one of a kind church made of larch wood was built without any piece of metal. The interior was covered with barrel vaults with pictures presenting the firmament. read more

The protestant Holy Trinity church built in 1717 is the oldest wooden building in  Kežmarok. It comes from the period of Protestants’ persecution, who according to the Codex published in Soprona in 1681 were allowed to built their churches only in some parts of Hungary. Those churches are called articular churches.

According to the low of that times a church had to be built at the cost of congregation, and made of poor quality materials. It is supposed that the church’s building was supported by Swedish sailors who left a relic: the upper part of the interior looks like a boat turned upside down and the round windows look like bull’s eyes on ships.

 From the former church remained a late-renaissance baptismal font from 1690 and stone epitaphs from 1688. The only stone-made part of the building is  the sacristy. The ground floor and six choirs can contain over 1500 people.

The interior is covered by barrel vault supported by four Solomonic columns.  Smaller pillars (also of Solomonic type) support galleries. The church is covered by a two-sloped shingle roof. The interior has very rich decorations and accessories. The walls are decorated by polychrome showing the scenes from both Old and New Testaments. Visitors eye is caught by the altar and antique organs. On the side walls one can see wooden painted boards with allegorical scenes.

In 2008 the Holy Trinity church in Kežmarok was placed on UNESCO World heritage List.

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