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St Basil the Great orthodox church in Krajné Čierno.

St Basil the Great orthodox church in Krajné Čierno has served the worshippers of Eastern rite since 18th century. At the beginning of the 3rd millennium it was in danger of collapsing, but today it is one of popular tourist attractions. read more

Wooden Greek-catholic st Basil the Great orthodox church in Svidnik poviat in Krajné Čierno village was built in 1730 as the division of Ladomirová parish. Its patron, st basil the Great, is one of the most important saints of the Eastern Church. The church was seriously destroyed during the Second World War during fights of Dukla Pass. In years 1947-1948 the monument was renovated.

The three parts log building is covered with shingle. The church’s terrain is surrounded by a wooden fence with a shingle roof. The building’s plan is made of three squares in one line. The aisle’s walls are covered with boards. Both rooms: aisle and presbytery have cut spire cupolas at their tops. Each of the three towers has a three armed cross at its top. One of the bells on a tower was hanged in 1876. The tower isn’t covered with shingle like other parts of the roof, but timbered horizontally  with pin wood boards.

The interior is decorated by a four rows iconostasis coming from the period of the church’s building. The most valuable icon is Deposition of Christ from the 17th century.

At the beginning of the 3rd millennium the st Basil the Great church was in danger of collapsing. Luckily, money for renovation was acquired and the church was renovated between years 2000-2004.

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