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The Saint Archangel Michael Church. Ladomirová

The Saint Archangel Michael wooden church in Ladomirová village, built without the use of nails, is one of the most valuable Greek-catholic churches in Slovakia. The monument with a marvelous iconostasis is placed on UNESCO World Heritage List. read more

The Saint Archangel Michael church in Svidnik poviat is one of the most representative churches of eastern rite on the Slovakian part of Carpathians. It was built in 1742 by Lemkos method, without using nails.

The church’s area, including a cemetery, is surrounded by a log fence.  A wooden, pillars-constructed bell tower with a shingle roof of a pyramid shape also belong to the church. Originally there were four bells, the oldest one coming from 1742. However, only three of them have survived until today.

Inside, the tourists are enchanted by Byzantine style paintings and icons. The polychrome decorations were painted by monks Filon and Cyprian and the woodworking and sculptures were made by monk Michał and Mikołaj Boyko, a local countryman. Among valuable relics one can mention also a five-row wooden iconostasis and the altar from middle of the 18th century.

The iconostasis is particularly interesting as the gate between the main aisle and the presbytery doesn’t have a form of gull-wing door, but enables looking inside. The baroque side alatar and other icons hanged on side walls are also worth seeing.

Since June 7th 2008 the church in Ladomirová  and  other eight wooden churches have been placed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

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