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The Most Holy Mother's Protection Church, Mirol'a

The treasures of the wooden the Most Holy Mother’s Protection orthodox church in Mirol’s village are icons from the 17th century, the collection of valuable books, the canvas with a picture of Christ and the magnificent four-row iconostasis. read more

The Greek-catholic Most Holy Mother’s Protection orthodox church, three-parts log building with three towers on its top dominates the houses in Miroľa village In Svidnik poviat. Current appearance of the monument is the effect of building onto the presbytery a many-sided gothic tower in 1770.

The church’s territory’s entrance is a gate with an eight slope roof covered with shingle. In the atrium there are some valuable objects presented: old books with cyrillic inscriptions, the picture of Christ in a grave, on a wide piece of linen and handmade nails – the work of local smith masters.

The interior’s decoration comes from the time when the church was built. The visitors eyes are caught by a four-rows iconostasis from the 18th century. The third row is perceived as the most beautiful one, depicting Christ in crimson clothes girdled with a blue string. An author presented Christ as a good shepherd who brings a lost sheep back to the flock. Christ’s head is surrounded by an aureole, he raises his right hand in the gesture of blessing and in the left hand he holds a blue apple. On the top of the construction there is a panel icon of the Crucifixion.

The interior is decorated by icons from the 17th century, with the one depicting the Death of the Virgin, particularily worth noting. The altar comes from the 18th century.

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