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The gothic St Giles church in Bardejov

John Paul the 2nd appreciated the meaning of the gothic St Giles church in Bardejov’s old town and he made it the lesser basilica in Ecclesiastical letter of November 2000. The church as well as the whole Old Town is put on UNESCO World Heritage List. read more

The architecture of the square in Bardejov is dominated by a three-aisle building of the 15th century st Giles basilica. Next to the entrance there is a late-baroque statue of St Florian, the patron of fire-fighters, to commemorate the big fire of 1774. On its right side two historic bells are located – Urban and Jan. In 2001 Jan was substituted by bell called Józef, weighing 700 kg.

In the collection of 11 late gothic wing altars the side altar depicting the birth of Christ is perceived as the most valuable. Next to Pieta altar there is the painting “Spear of Christ” by Bardejovian painter Petro Stockel. The sculpture “Capital of love” in St Barbara altar was made probably in the workshop of Master Pavel of Levoca and is one of the most valuable monuments of this type in Slovakia.

Among valuable medieval sculptures one can count also Crucifixion from the end of the 15th century, placed on the beam in the centre of the ceiling. This is a 8 meters high cross with arms span of 5m and naturalistically shown Christ’s body.

The visitors can also see the stone gothic pastoforium from 1456 with gilded metal doors, the work of cutter Stefan of Košice. The precisely made tower building is distinguished by richly decorated motives of gothic architecture (pillars, traceries, crockets) with figures of saints as additional decorative elements.

Among other important relics one can count the figure of st. Giles the bishop, late-gothic baptismal font made of bronze in 1485 as well as a metal gothic mirror from the end of the 15th century.

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