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Červený kláštor

Červený Kláštor located in a picturesque corner of Pieniny attracts visitors not only by the herbarium of Cyprian the “flying monk”. The complex of buildings, including gothic church and a park under protection, brings the visitors closer to the life of Carthusian and Camaldolese. read more

The old village Červený Kláštor is located on the Slovakian side of Carpathians, on the bank of Dunajec, beneath the top of Tri Koruny. Its history is inherently connected with the Carthusian-Camadolese cloister from the 14th century.

The cloister became the seat of Carthusian and Camaldolese, strict hermit monasteries. The monks worn white frocks, ate modestly and lived in separate houses with gardens in the enclosed part of the cloister. The monks were also obliged to follow the rule of silence.

Among the most valuable rooms in the cloister one can mention the refectory – the room covered by two fields of net vault with brick arcs making the impression of perfect geometry. The visitors eyes are caught by beautiful paintings: the ornaments surrounding windows and the scenes of the Christ’s Passion on the walls painted in 1520.

The complex includes also a gothic st. Anthony church with side chapels from the end of the 14th century. The baroque main altar was made in 1745.

Two of the monks who lived here were important in the history of the land – Romuald Hadbavý , the author of the Latin-Slovakian dictionary, and Cyprian, the expert in the field of healing plants. The rich herbarium he left is the part of pharmacy exposition.

In front of the cloister’s entrance there is a wide park with 19 old limes. The territory has been protected since 1927.

Local attractions: Spiš castle, st Ladislav church, Zapolski chapel, Kezmarok

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