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Gaboltov is the place where one of the greatest pilgrimages in Slovakia – Gaboltovsky odpust – is held. In addition, every year it is visited by the traditional pilgrimage of the Romani people and by the pilgrimage of men. In the St. Wojciech chapel, there is a well with water which is said to have healing properties. read more


The history of the village of Gaboltov is inseparably linked with St. Wojciech. Historians claim that in the 13th century, the Teutonic Knights built a monastery there and devoted it to the bishop and martyr. Soon, the monastery became a religious and cultural centre for the neighbouring areas. It is assumed that St. Wojciech really was in Gaboltov where he stayed during his missionary expedition from Hungary to Poland. It is said that he drank water from the well which is placed today in the chapel under his invocation. Soon, water became famous for its healing properties. These events are commemorated by the painting placed in the chapel and showing the bishop sitting under a tree and blessing the spring. Over time, another chapels have been built in Gaboltov and in 2005, the crosses with the figures of Christ and two criminals were erected.

Gaboltovský odpust

The main pilgrimage is held every year on the first Sunday following 15 July. The Catholics from Slovakia and other countries have been taking the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel since 1706.

Gaboltov is also famous for the pilgrimage of the Romani people which has been held since 2005 on the first Sunday of August. On the other hand, at the end of August, the pilgrimage of men arrives at the sanctuary.


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