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Marianska mountain, Levoča

Mariánska mountain is one of the oldest and largest centres of pilgrimages in Slovakia. Pilgrimage traditions have been lasting here since the 13th century. Every year, on the first Sunday of July, the crowds of the faithful from around the world arrive here. read more


Mariánska mountain is one of the oldest and most famous centres of pilgrimages in Slovakia. Since the mid-13th century, inhabitants of neighbouring villages have been meeting here to pray. In 1311, the feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary started being celebrated in a particularly ceremonial manner. Due to the growing number of pigrims, a neo-Gothic church was built on the hill and replaced the older chapel. In 1984, the temple was raised to the rank of the basilica. Pilgrims are greeted there by the sculpture of Our Lady with her arms open.

Pilgrimages to Marianska mountain were held even at the times of the Reformation and Communism. Persecutions strengthened the sense of unity among the faithful.

Over the centuries, on the hill, three more churches and the wooden Greek Catholic chapel have been built. After the collapse of Communism, the retreat house and the pilgrim house were built.


Great Pilgrimage

In 1995, Pope John Paul II participated in a pilgrimage to Marianska mountain. To commemorate his visit, the avenue running along the route of the pilgrimage was named after him. Together with Pope, more than 650 thousand worshippers prayed there. In 2005, Levoča and Mariánska hora were included in the list of European Marian Network. Thus, they joined the respectable group of famous sanctuaries such as Lourdes, Mariazell, Częstochowa or Fatima.

Local attractions: Spiš, Levoča

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