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Rafajovce is situated in the picturesque area in the northern part of Zemplin, in the outskirts of the Ondavská Highlands. The sanctuary with the miraculous painting is a known centre of pilgrimages. Every year, the Orthodox church built in 1750 is visited by the crowds of pilgrims. read more

The village of Rafajovce proves the fact that great things and real miracles may happen even in a small village .


Miraculous painting in Rafajovce

As the legend says, 300 years ago Rafajovce was burnt by a great fire. Many houses were burnt, so was the wooden church but the painting of the Virgin Mary in the church remained intact. Numerous pilgrimages started arriving to the miraculous image. As there was no temple in the village at that time, the painting was moved to the neighbouring village of Kel’ča. After the great ceremonies, the inhabitants of Rafajovce came back home and much to their astonishment they saw the painting hanging in the village administrator’s house. The situation with moving the painting and its mysterious return repeated. Finally, the inhabitants decided that it had been the sign from heaven and in 1750 they built their own temple and placed the miraculous image in the altar. The church was devoted to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The most important ceremonies in Rafajovce are held twice a year: on the day of Pentecost and on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Miraculous spring

Near Rafajovce, there is a spring whose water is said to have healing properties. It is said that a blind wanderer drank that water and immediately recovered his sight. Near the spring, a shrine was built which has been preserved until today in an unchanged condition.

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