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Symbolic cemetary at the Popradzki Pond

The symbolic cemetary at the Popradzki Pond commemorates the victims of the High Tatras. It is composed of a shrine and tens of sculptured wooden crosses and plaques. It is a perfect place to contemplate the power of nature. read more

The Slovakian High Tatras took a heavy toll of lives, inter alia, tourists, skiers and rock climbers. A memento of people who died amidst the majestic nature of the mountains is the symbolic cemetary at the Popradzki Pond. The nature of this place is best described by the motto on the shrine’s wall: „As a memory of the dead, as a warning for the living”.


The founding father of the cemetery under the western cliff of Ostra was a painter from Prague, Otakar Štáfl. The necropolis was established in 1936 but its official opening was held on 11 August 1940. In 1970, it was granted the status of the national monument. In the territory of the cemetery, there is the shrine, more than 50 sculptured wooden crosses and 278 plaques. On many of them, there are the names of climbers who lost their lives in the High Tatras. Unfortunately, the number of victims is still growing, so is the number of crosses and plaques. The cemetery is of symbolic nature and no burials are organized there.


The cemetery is available to be visited from 1 July to 31 December. It may be reached by way of the yellow tourist route from the Popradzki Pond.

Local attractions: TANAP (Tatra National Park), Poprad

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