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Bardejov’s attractions – the Jewish district

The Jewish district (židovské suburbium) in Bardejov is a complex of buildings coming from the 19th century. It is composed of the Old Synagogue, school (beth midrash) and ritual bathroom (mikveh). All buildings are historical and are a relic of the Jewish community in the city. read more

The walls of Bardejov hide the buildings being a relic of the local Jewish district, erected in the 19th century. In 1940, two synagogues, bathroom for ritual baths, two schools, five prayer houses, five charity associations and two printing offices functioned there. The district was established according to the rules of the Talmud and existed until 1944. Today, the historical complex is composed of the old synagogue, school (beth midrash) and ritual bathroom (mikveh).

The old synagogue

The oldest building is the two-vault old synagogue built in 1836. Its interior is composed of a vestibule, small room, main prayer room for men and women’s gallery. The vault is covered with marvellous paintings. Attention should be paid to the Hebrew chronostikon with an inscription above the entrance to the main room. The inscription contains the information about the dates of construction and founders. For many years, the synagogue has been used as a scrap yard and currently it is being renovated. For this reason, it is not available for visitors.

Beth midrash and mikveh

Another part of the complex is the school which also serves as the prayer room. It was built in the 19th century, together with the bathroom for ritual baths. On the facade of the building, there is a plaque describing the cultural life and Jewish heritage in Slovakia and a plaque dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.

Currently, both buildings are used for commercial purposes.


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