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The Orthodox synagogue in Prešov

The Orthodox synagogue in Prešov is erected in the territory of the Jewish community and until today, it has been the place where liturgical rites are practised. It was built in the years 1897-1898 – inside, there are marvellous Oriental-style paintings and the ark for keeping the Torah scrolls. read more


The history of Jews was very eventful. Also in Prešov, they had to fight for their rights. In the past, Judaists were not allowed to settle in that free royal city. It was changed by the Holländer family. In 1830, Leo Holländer became the first leader of the Jewish community in Prešov. His fight for the equality of Hungarian Jews bore fruit – in 1871, there were already two Jewish communities in the town. Cuurently, one Orthodox community, having 50 members, functions in Prešov.

The Orthodix synagogue

The life of the Jewish community in Prešov is concentrated in the Orthodox synagogue. The synagogue, built in the years 1897-1898, was renovated in the 90s of the 20th century. The interior is completely furnished and has the multicoloured Moorish wall decorations. From the outside, the building is characterized by the smooth facades and high, slender, mullioned windows. The monument, together with the synagogue, rabbi’s office, ritual slaughterhouse, school and office is a part of the territory of the Jewish community. In the middle of the square, there is the Holocaust memorial.

In the territory of the Jewish community, we may see the permanent exhibition of Bárkány collection of Judaica. It contains the exhibits from the first museum of Judaism established in 1928. By a stroke of luck, the collection managed to survive the stormy times of World War II.


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