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The renaissance castle Humenné

The first notes about Humenné castle come from 1449. Today the castle is the seat of Vihorlatské museum (Vihorlatské múzeum). In the original interior one can admire the original furniture, works of art and China room. The historical-artistic collection is supplemented by a unique collection of coins from the 2nd century AD. read more

The renaissance castle Humenné is one of many cultural relics of Zemplín. At the turn of the 12th and the 13th centuries it was a medieval stronghold surrounded by a moat from all sides.

The first known owners of the castle were Drughethow family. When In 11619 the stronghold was almost completely burnt, they built a huge, four wings castle in that place. The renaissance edifice was the representative seat of the family until 1684. Then the castle was owned by Csásky family. During their presence in the castle, its flat roof was replaced by a cupola.

At the beginning of the 19th century Andrássy family became the owners of that territory. They started a complete reconstruction of the castle in the spirit of French baroque castles – an English park was made, with a fish pool and Japanese arbours and two sculptures of a lion and a lioness – the tourists’ favourite – were placed at the main gate. The library, located in the northern wing got a wooden panelling and lacunar ceiling.

Today there is a museum placed in the castle (Vihorlatské múzeum with a historical-artistic-natural exposition connected with upper Zemplín area. In the original interiors one can admire the furniture, crests, Chinese room, two oriental rooms, Maria Teresa’s room and carved wooden door. The visitors can also see the gallery of Hungarian kings, the collection of weapon and a unique collection of Celtic-Danish coins form the 2nd century AD.

In the park grow old trees and there is a folk architecture heritage park in the neighbourhood.


Local attractions:

Jewish cemetery

All Saints  Roman-catholic church

Assumption of Mary Greek-catholic church

Reformed church

Saints Cyril and Methody orthodox church


Saints Peter and Paul orthodox church

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