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A characteristic element of the architecture in Bardejov are the curtain walls with several towers. In addition, there are many churches in the town, inter alia, the Church of St. Aegidius, the second largest temple in the Archdiocese of Košice. read more

Bardejov spa is situated upon the Topola river, from here, you may also admire the southern peaks of the Low Beskids. Those who are more interested in the works of human hands rather than those of nature, will also find something for them in Bardejov because the town is considered one of the most beautiful Gothic and Renaissance enclaves in Central Europe.

The oldest mention of Bardejov comes from 1241. The town developed thanks to its location on the Black Sea routes. For the purpose of defence against enemies, the Gothic fortification system was constructed from the 14th to the 16th century. Today, you may admire several towers where weapons and ammunition were stored in the past.

One of the most beautiful views of the town is from the sixth floor of the tower of the Church of St. Aegidius. The three-naved Gothic temple is the second largest church in the Archdiocese of Košice.

Promises should be kept, otherwise...

If you do not feel convinced by the high and wide spaces, the best thing is to go to the square in front of the City Hall, where you may admire several bourgeois houses as well as the City Hall building built between 1505-1509. Among the stone sculptures decorating the building façade, it is worth to find the boy sticking out his naked buttocks towards the house where the mayor lived...It was made at night by one of the builders when the City Council did not pay the agreed sum to them.

Bardejov is the city of churches. Greek Catholics pray at the St. Peter and Paul Greek Catholic Church. The St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church was built in the 15th century. During modernisation, it was added a monastery where the Franciscans settled in 1686.

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