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We would like to invite you to the Jonáš Záborský Theatre, to try beverages from all over the world in the unique Wine Museum, to visit the St. Nicholas Concathedral and purchase of a memorial picture in front of one of the two beautifully decorated palaces - Rákóczi or Klobušický Houses. Where? In Prešov! read more

The earliest mention about the city in the Šariš region comes from 1247.

The Prešov monuments are focused in the historic centre, which stretches around Hlavná ulica. Its major point is the St. Nicholas Cathedral from the mid-fourteenth century, which is the oldest building in the city. The tourists may access a tower and admire the fantastic view over the city. For centuries the temple served the role of a parish church, and in 2008 it was raised to concathedral.

The Renaissance palace of Rákóczi was rebuilt at the beginning of the 17. century. At this time the domicile of the Sigismund Rákóczi, prince of Transilvania, got the characteristic facade. After the conclusion of the works, the renovated reisdence was recognized as the most beautiful building in the Upper Hungary. At the moment, the building hosts the Regional Museum of the City of Prešov.

Since the mid-eighteenth century, a pride of the historic centre of Prešov is the palace built by baron Klobušický. The majestic representative seat, Klobušický Palace, has four wings and a square internal yard. The first floor attracts the tourists due to its rich mouldings - the main motif is the Visitation of the Holy Mother.

The other monuments of Prešov include the Orthodox Cathedral Church of John the Babtist, the Neptune fountain, evangelic college, old city's school, Immaculate Conception sculpture, Caraffov prison, the first Jewish shul, Orthodox synagogue, Florian's gate, merchant house, Calvary and  Jonáš Záborský Theatre.


Attractions in the area: astronomical observatory and planetarium, Rus Culture Museum, Wine Museum, St. Nicholas Church, St. Lucas Evangelist Church - Brežany, Regional Museum in Prešov, Klobušický Palace,  Rákóczi Palace

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