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The Vihorlat Astronomical Observatory in Humenné (Vihorlatská hvezdáreň v Humennom)

In a four meter dome of the Vihorlat Astronomical Observatory in Humenné there is one of the biggest telescopes in Slovakia. The nearly 70-years-old observatory still examines the sky above the Upper Zemplin and holds interesting lectures. read more

Founded in 1952, the Vihorlat Astronomical Observatory in Humenné is a regional specialist research as well as cultural and educational institution in the field of astronomy and the related natural sciences. Visitors have no difficulty finding its location since it's situated in a historical building in the town centre.

During over 60 years of continuous operation, the observatory in Humenné has become a major educational institution, spreading the knowledge and carrying out observations in the field of astronomy within the Uppr Zemplin region.

The main attraction of the place is the Vihorlat National Telescope – a Cassegrain type of telescope, situated in the four meter dome. It’s the largest object of this kind in Slovakia with the main mirror diameter of 1 m. The institution carries out specialist observations of variable stars, meteors, the eclipse of the stars by the Moon and the Sun’s photosphere.

The research activities of the observatory is carried out in the Kolonicke Sedlo division, founded in 1999. It’s situated approximately 38 km from the town of Humenné in the picturesque region between Vihorlat and the Bieszczady Mountains.

The basic mission of the Humenné observatory is collecting, assessing, processing and spreading the newest knowledge in the field of astronomy and the related natural sciences on the basis of the observations and scientific research. Additionally, the institution offers lectures for the groups of 50 participants.

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