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The Vihorlat Museum in Humenné

The Vihorlat Museum in Humenné offers the historical, landscape and natural collections from the regions of Humenné, Snina and Medzilaborce. One of its most interesting parts is the Orest Dubay’s art gallery, hosting unique exhibitions. read more

The beginnings of the museum in Humenné date back to 1960. Since 1969 the institution has been located in the 17th century Renaissance palace.

The present collection of the museum comprises of more than one hundred thousand exhibits. The most valuable objects are the Celtic coins, the collection of the 17th century coins, unique examples of old weapon and armour, Baroque icons, valuable paintings and interior church equipment.

The growing number of the collected items enables the museum to offer attractive exhibitions.

The first permanent „Living culture of the feudal lords" exhibition was made available in 1971 and was gradually upgraded and modernised (1982, 1987, 1991). Today, the core part of the exhibition are the objects connected with the life of nobility from the times of Renaissance till the 20th century.

Orest Dubay’s art gallery has been offering exhibitions, carrying out the cultural and educational as well as publishing activities since its founding in 1989. Exhibitions of the domestic and foreign artists are hosted here and the archives of the gallery contain information on the lives and creative work of the regional artists.

The museum in Humenné comprises also of the natural exhibition, concentrated on the region’s natural environment. The most recent acquisition of the museum is the exhibition documenting the history of the Rom in Slovakia, providing information concerning the activities performed by the Rom division of the institution operating since 1996.

There is the popular folk architecture exhibition in the palace park and its most valuable piece is the original small wooden church from Nová Sedlica from 1754.

Attractions nearby: Folk Architecture Exhibition, the palace in Humenné, the Vihorlat Astronomical Observatory, St Basil the Great Greek-Catholic church – Hrabová Roztoka

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