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Belianska Cave

Belianska Cave is the only cave in Slovakian Tatra National Park that is open to the public. In the past the cave was penetrated by gold searchers. Today it is famous for its massive cupolas, lakes, rocky waterfalls and stalactites. It’s also famous for its medical properties. read more


First notes concerning Belianska Cave (Belianska jaskyňa) come from the 18th century. The signs and dates on the walls suggest that it was penetrated by gold searchers. A crucial date in its history is the 5th of August 1881, when the first research was conducted in the cave, ordered by Július Husz and Ján Britz from Spišská Belá. In 1884 it was opened to public and in 1986 it was electrically lit as one of the first caves in the world.

Belianska Cave – the jewel of Slovakia

Belianska Cave attracts people with karst forms, like pagoda stalagmites in Palm Chamber or underground lakes (i.e. Golden lake). Particularly attractive are rocky waterfalls. Spacious chambers over 50m long fully deserve their names: High House, Slovakian National Uprising House or Robbers Chamber. In Gallery, Treasury and White Chamber the visitors eyes are caught by various krest forms.  Tourists are particularly amazed by a 2 m high  stalagmite in the Ruins Chamber, looking like a Leaning Tower of Pisa. The visitors’ path goes through a Music Chamber, perfect for classical music concerts due to its fantastic acoustics. 

Belianska Cave is visited by tourist from all over the world. Its corridors are 3829 long, with an over 1000 m long part open for visitors. 


Belianska Cave is a place where the patients suffering respiratory system diseases are treated. Sterile environment, natural aerosol and minimal presence of bacteria are perfect conditions improving health condition of people from all over the world.

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