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Nový Smokovec spa

Nový Smokovec is one of the first and one of the most valuable climatic spa in Central Europe. The spa has the oldest clinic opened during the winter season. read more

Nový Smokovec is one of the first and one of the most valuable climatic spa in Central Europe. The spa has the oldest clinics opened during the winter season. The air here is extremely pure and saturated with ozone and smelling oils.

 Type: climatic spa

Location: south eastern terrace of High Tatras under Slavkovský štít

Altitude above the sea level: 1,010 m above the sea level


One can dare to say that the Nový Smokovec town was established thanks for medicinal spa. M.D. Mikuláš Szontagh established this medicinal settlement in order to build the first climate sanatorium in the High Tatras. The exact date is unknown and by convention it is assumed that it was established in 1875. The Nový Smokovec spa was very innovative for its times when it was built. It is here were for the first time the patients were accepted also during the winter season.

Natural medicinal spring waters

The main medicinal factor used in the Nový Smokovec spa is the use of properties of a mountain climate. Exceptionally pure air, high insolation and ultraviolet rates, low atmospheric pressure, mild humidity and saturation of air with Tatran ozone and smelling oils, all of which exceptionally stimulates the body.

 Treatment recommendation

Non-tuberculosis respiratory diseases

Diseases caused due to metabolism and gland disorders with internal secretion

Psychological diseases

Occupational diseases

Treatment methods and treatments

The fundamental part of treatment includes air therapy - calm or active outdoors, heliotherapy, complemented with inhalations, hydrotherapy (whirling and bubble baths, power showers), massages, electrotherapy, balneotherapy and fototherapy. Treatment effectiveness is facilitated by wellness services: saunas, jacuzzis, showers, etc. Basic climate treatment and supporting treatment is supplemented by application of a proper diet under supervision of professional staff.

Accommodation and meals

Nový Smokovec spa invites everyone to two medicinal houses and three hotels. Apart from accommodation and meal, the medicinal houses and hotels provide relaxation, medicinal and beautifying services.

Free time

Surroundings of the spa offer numerous attractions encouraging to active leisure, relaxation and taking part in treatment process. Tourist and spa paths, ski slopes, running paths encourage visitors to spend the time outdoors. Undoubtedly everyone will find something for himself/herself here. Bike enthusiasts will be delighted with beautiful bike paths leading through such areas as the Tichá Valley i Kôprovska Valley, Popradské pleso, Starý Smokovec to Hrebienok and many more.

In Nový Smokovec visitors have a thermal park at their disposal.

In the spa area a few caves are to be found (Belianska jaskyňa, Demänovská jaskyňa slobody, Demänovská ľadová jaskyňa, Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa). It is possible to make a trip to one of them or simply absorb the medicinal properties of the mountain climate.

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