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Tatranská Kotlina sanatorium

Sanatorium in Tatranská Kotlina besides mountain climate also offers medicinal treatments in Belianska jaskyňa, so called speleotherapy. read more

Are You familiar with speleotherapy? If not, we suggest You to visit the sanatorium in Tatranská Kotlina, which apart from exceptional mountain climate also offers medicinal treatments in Belianska jaskyňa. It is, however, not the only treatment offered by the sanatorium.

Type: climatic spa

Location: at the foot of Belianskie Tatras, 12 kms from Spišská Belá.

Altitude above the sea level: 760 m above the sea level


Tatranská Kotlina is a settlement located the furthest to the East and on lower altitude than any other Tatran settlement (760 m above the sea level). Nevertheless its located in an exceptional mountain climate. A speleotherapy treatment era begun after the discovery of Belianska jaskyňa. The speolotherapy was used in treatment of respiratory diseases. Tatranská Kotlina sanatorium operates as a specialized medical institute and a natural climatic spa. Thanks to the low altitude above the sea level this environment can be used by people who apart from respiratory problems are also suffering from cardiovascular diseases.


After the discovery of the Belianska jaskyňa (in 1881) and opening it to the public, the authorities of Spišská Belá town established a pavilion of the medical institute. Following the World War I the settlement became a tuberculosis treatment centre, in which the patients used the water treatment and, modern for its times, rehabilitation gymnastics. After the World War II, the institute was rebuilt and since 1980 the institute provides treatment for chronic respiratory diseases.

In 1990's the area of the sanatorium underwent numerous upgrades. Since 2003, when the transformation to a medical institute occurred, the facility operates as non-profit organization. In recent years, the available services for patients and guests were widened in the Water World rehabilitation and relaxation centre.

Natural medicinal spring waters

Speleotherapy in Belianska jaskyňa and mountain climate belong to natural treatment factors of the sanatorium. The therapy includes activities in a fixed air temperature environment, high humidity and in a sterile environment without allergens. 

Treatment recommendation

Non-tuberculosis respiratory diseases

Occupational diseases

Oncological diseases 

Treatment methods and treatments

Apart from climatotherapy, a visit in a treatment-favourable climate, the other treatment methods include inhalations, water treatments, electrotherapy, rehabilitation, breathing and relaxation exercise, massages and a novelty in hay fever treatment: Rhinolight (phototherapic treatment of mucous membrane of nose).

Accommodation and meals

Sanatorium provides accommodation in various pavilions. Visitors may choose the type of accommodation from the following categories: tourist, hotel, apartment and without limits.

Free time

In 2004 the sanatorium area was nearly struck by a whirlwind. The sanatorium is located in a forest area which encourages to stroll among the coniferous trees. Visitors have the following facilities at their disposal: relaxation swimming pool, sauna, rehabilitation exercise, gym, exercise hall, multisport pitch, and in winter, ice rink. Library and reading room are also available.

Bike pathgoers will be enthusiastic about the connection from Tatranská Kotlina to Spišská Belá (12 km long) whereas adrenaline seekers about Spider Park close to the sanatorium area. In winter season ski centres' services are also available.

Close to Tatranská Kotlina one can find characteristic, abundant in culture and tradition, Lendak i Ždiar settlements. We also recommend sightseeing of historical cities, such as Spišská Belá, Strážky palace, Kežmarok together a castle of 1463, its museum, or city of Poprad, in which aqua park is located (distance of 28 km).   


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