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From the East the track goes through terrains of: Low Beskids, Sądecki Beskids, through Pieniny, Island Beskids and Gorce, through health resorts: Wapienne, Wysowa, Krynica Zdrój, Muszyna, Żegiestów Zdrój, Łomnica Zdrój, Piwniczna, Szczawnica, Szczawa and Rabka Zdrój. read more

Medical properties of mineral waters have been known already in Medieval Times, and vivid popularity of Carpathian health resorts has started at the end of 18th century. The first recognised and popular health resorts in Gallicia were Krynica and Bardejovske Kupele in Slovakia. The youngest health resorts in Lesser Poland are Wysowa and Wapienne in Low Beskids. The zone of mineral waters in external Carpathians spreads more or less along the parallel from Piwniczna region in Sądecki Beskids to Bardejova region in Slovakia. Many mineral waters' springs are present not only on the terrain of health resorts, but also outside, mostly in Poprad valley and its inflows, between Piwniczna and Muszyna and in the region of Tylicz and Snakovo (Slovakia).

In the central zone are acidic waters: common, chloride and chloride with hydrogen sulfide including major amounts of in depth carbon dioxide. In Low Beskids are also sulfide springs, exploited in a small health resort Wapienne.

Southern part of Lesser Poland voivodeship is the richest region in Poland, with mineral underground waters with healing properties. The healing waters are present in Poprad Valley and its inflows, in the following villages: Głębokie, Piwniczna-Zdrój, Łomnica-Zdrój, Wierchomla, Zubrzyk, Żegiestów, Milik, Złockie, Jastrzębik, Muszyna, Leluchów, Powroźnik, Krynica-Zdrój, Tylicz and other villages and towns of Lesser Poland: Krościenko, Szczawnica, Szczawa, Rabka, Wysowa and Wapienne.

Majority of the famous springs in Lesser Poland is used in balneological and distribution of mineral waters purposes. There are at the mountain health resorts placed at the height of 200-400 m above the sea level (Piwniczna Zdrój, Muszyna and Wapienne) and mountain health resorts located at the height of 400-800 m. above the sea level. (Wysowa Zdrój, Krynica Zdrój, Żegiestów Zdrój, Łomnica Zdrój, Szczawnica oraz Rabka Zdrój).

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