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In the 19th century rich people were "visiting the waters" to rest and revitalise their bodies, they were bathing in the healing springs for weeks. Today their grand and grand grand children regenerate themselves in special SPA resorts which great number one can find in Małopolska.

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In Małopolska one can gain the harmony of body, mind and soul. Everything around influences positively human senses. It is enough to choose individually appropriate forms of active rest or appropriate treatment. For some people it is enough to walk in a town park or visit in a forest, others would enjoy the Alpine character of Tatras or visit one of many health or rest resorts.

Visitors will find many sanatoriums and spa houses, where they can take mineral baths, have camomile inhalations, sea algae compresses, massages or ayurvedic treatments know since 2000 years. Hydrotherapy has already had a seventh centuries tradition in this region. It is also worth to visit one of Lesse Poland's natural parks (Tatras, Babia Góra, Gorce, Magura, Ojców, Pieniny), raft on Dunajec (one of the most picturesque turn of European rivers) or walking through mountain paths - of different levels of difficulty, and in winter - use the rich offer of ski centres and stations.

The completion of the hydro therapeutic, thermal and climatic health propositions of guest houses are the offers of spa medical centres that following the Latin motto „Sanus per Aquam” (health through water - SPA). The advantage of medical spa is that every guest can have both medical programs and many beauty, revitalisation and relaxing procedures in one place. Although they are not exactly the elements of medical treatment, they can - thanks to their positive influence on our physical and mental state - help the patients in complete recovery. Usually one can also have a consultation with a dietician, psychologist or other specialist.

The major part of the SPA centres offer constitute cosmetic procedures, care, rehabilitation and healing procedures under the supervision of physiotherapists and doctors of various professions, using natural healing resources (mostly water and mud). SPA centres are distinguished by modernity of applied procedures, the highest standards methods of treatment and rehabilitation under the supervision of specialists of the highest job qualifications. The type of treatment or rehabilitation is decided by a doctor during a consultation that takes place at the beginning of a stay. The choice of procedures depends on, inter alia, the kind of disease, current state of a patient's health, his/her age, accompanying and past diseases and medicines taken. The proper course of a treatment is supervised, like in the case of sanatoriums, by various physiotherapists, additionally to doctors.

The well-developed offer of SPA hotels (resorts) includes, additionally last times popular medical SPA: typical hotels with developed SPA zone, SPA resorts - for longer rest holidays, cosmetic Medi SPA with an offer of aesthetic medicine procedures, Conference SPA for bigger groups, Femi SPA (special packets for pregnant women and young mothers), wedding spa with a developed offer for pairs, and even SPA directed to men - besides procedures with professional cosmetics for men, there is also a developed relax zone - with a big swimming pool, sauna and gym.

Even a weekend stay in a good SPA regains harmony between body and mind, and the participant leaves the resort relaxed, with a new energy for his/her work and life duties. Professional procedures with high quality cosmetics bring new energy, good mental and physical state and rejuvenated physical appearance.



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