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Folklore events

Today, one of the most popular ways of presenting folklore and folk culture are various festivals, whose scenarios are based on local traditions. These colourful shows include regional bands’ performances, folk handmade products bazaar and regional workshops. In a word – this is an attractive form of education through joy. read more


Some of the folklore festivals organized in Małopolska region spread into its whole territory, whereas other cover the region occupied by Polish Highlanders (e.g. “Carpathian Festival of Children Regional Groups” in Rabka or “Highlanders’ Carnival in Bukowina Tatrzańska”) or particular regions (e.g. “Łemkowska Watra” in Zdynia,” “Shepherds’ Festival” in Ludźmierz, “Apple Blossom Festival in Łącko”) or even villages (e.g. “Folk Toys Festival” in Stryszawa, “Babia Góra Autumn” in Zawoja). Some of them are international, like “Mountain Children Festival in Nowy Sącz” or “The International Festival of Mountain Folklore in Zakopane”. Each of the events is the presentation of folklore, often having a form of a contest, bazaars with craftsmen’s work and folk art, as well as exhibitions, workshops and conferences.

Some of the festivals have long traditions, going back to the Interbellum period, like “the International Festival of Mountain Folklore” or Mountain Children Festival, other were initiated just after the Second World War, like “Apple Blossom Festival”, or in the 1970s, like “Highlanders’ Carnival”, “Spiskie Zwyki” in Niedzica. The youngest festivals appeared after the Polish transformation processes of the 1990s, i.e. “Shepherds’ Festival”, “Mountain Children Festival” and “Folk Toys Festival”.

Most of the festivals were created on the basis of traditional culture of particular regions. “Babia Góra Autumn” refers to the autumn redyk, which was the sheep’s comeback to farms after the season time on the pastureland, “folk Toys Festival” refers to the local manufacture of wooden toys and “The Apple Blossom Festival” refers to the orchard traditions of Sądecka Land.

On the occasion of festivals, especially those commemorative, brochures and leaflets are issued. The guests will find carefully prepared facilities and many attractions, as mountain raids, sports games etc. as well as regional cuisine specialties.

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