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On both sides of the Dunajec River: along the trail of historical and legendary figures.

On the trail of a brigand, a robber, an inventor, a hermit and a saint. The rout goes through picturesque mountain tracks and the famous Dunajec River Gorge, ruins of mountain strongholds and medieval monasteries, well-known spas and pages of unknown stories told by a bard of Pieniny. read more

The small mountain range of Pieniny has been drawn into the vortex of "great history" already in 13th century. Many events became legendary and the characters of those events were remembered by generations as human beings endowed with extraordinary qualities. Years later, writers, artists and directors endeavored to preserve their history.

Saint Kinga, the founder of a monastery in Stary Sącz, in the face of a looming Mongol threat in 1287 escaped to a stronghold in the Castle Mountain (Zamkowa Góra). The route, leading through Obidza and Beskid Sądecki mountains, the ford of Piaski and the Kras fields became an inspiration for many legends. 600 years after her death a Grotto was created nearby the ruins of the castle, and a hermitage was built next to it. Its inhabitant, Wincenty Kasprowicz, was remembered by the Pieniny lovers, mostly for delicious tea he used to treat his guests with, and for his predilection for sleeping in... a coffin.

Zamkowa Góra is not far from Mt Trzy Korony (Three Crowns) - the most famous peak of the Pieniny. There is an interesting story associated with the origin of its current name, full of ambiguities and errors made by scientific authorities.

According to folk tales the flames indicating the beginning of the people's uprising were lit exactly on this peak. It was a turbulent time, the year of 1651. Kostka Napierski deceitfully seized the royal castle in Czorsztyn, where he defended himself successfully for many days. A number of poems, novels and even a film was created about that episode.

In the past, the famous rafting down the Dunajec River was starting in Czorsztyn. Dinner was eaten in a tavern next to Czerwony Klasztor (Red Monastery). Here the attention of newcomers was attracted by the legend of an extraordinary constructor of a flying machine, brother Cyprian.

The rafting ended in Szczawnica. Its inhabitant, called "the bard of Pieniny", Michał Słowik-Dzwon, was collecting local folk songs and tales for many years. He wrote a story about a brigand Maćko Dziedzina-Wiwer, based on some old legends. There is a fiction story of an authentic chapel in Szczawnica, interwoven into Maćko's adventures. It came here from the vicinity of Kežmarok as a result of a fraud.

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