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Tatra sights

The bicycle route leads through the area of northern Spiš, the forests of Spišská Magura and the Pieniny National Park with beautiful panoramic views on the High Tatras. The bicycle route beginns ca. 1 km behind the village of Ždiar Strednica, where a forest path springs on the right. The exit from the main road is located behind an information panel standing near the junction. Renovated asphalt forest road leads us to the village of Osturňa, where a road sign saying "Łapszanka" directs cyclists towards the border crossing point. The beauty of the surrounding nature adds splendour to the path leading to the mountain pass. Having passed the border crossing point, we turn left in accordance with the local signs. Local roads with little traffic lead us to Jurgów, which is located less than two kilometres from the border with Slovakia and the settlement of Podspády. read more

From - to: Ždiar - Osturňa - Jurgów - Podspády

Target group: advanced

Difficulty level: sport

Length in km: 24,5

Elevation gain one way/back: 723/568


80% asphalt, 20% gravel forest path

How to get there:

Slovakia: Ždiar - trunk road no. 67, Poland: Jurgów - road no. 49

Route number/symbol:

Green bicycle trail no. 5864 from Ždiar to Osturňa, at the Polish side trail blazing is locally unofficial.

Connection to bicycle route:

SK: Blue MTB trail no. 2870 and yellow MTB trail - a shortcut leading to the village of Ždiar Strednica - begin at the forest routes intersection on the green trail. Trail no. 5864 leads from Osturňa to Spišské Hanušovce.
PL: At the Polish side, it is possible to access the bicycle route to Niedzica.


SK: ethnographic museum Ždiarsky dom in Ždiar, Kona Bikepark, Bachledova dolina, historic reserve of folk architecture Osturňa
PL: wooden St Sebastian's Church in Jurgów (PL), huts in Jurgów, splendid sights of the High Tatras

Car park:

SK: Ždiar, Osturnia
PL: Jurgów

Train: no


Jurgów, Ždiar, Tatranská Javorina


SK: Ždiar, Osturňa, Tatranská Javorina
PL: Jurgów, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Białka Tatrzańska

Bike rental:

Bike rental - Strachan guest house in Ždiar


IC Bachledova dolina

Bicycle: MTB

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