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Multi - kulti

We wander through an area with rich ethnographic traditions. Lemkos, Carpathian mountian people or Ruthenians have left their mark on this land, and the mark is still visible in the architecture of settlements. The bicycle route leads along rarely frequented local and paved roads. The most challenging sections are a short uphill road leading to the border Blechnárka Mountain Pass and a strech from Becherov to Ondavky, where the surface is rocky and difficult to ride on. read more

From - to: Śnietnica - Blechnarka - Nižná Polianka

Target group: from beginners to advanced

Difficulty level: sport

Length in km: 42

Elevation gain one way/back: 649/582

Surface: 70% asphalt, 30% gravel

Trail sign/number:

SK: no blazing
PL: black

Connection to bicycle route:

Śnietnica - blue in the direction of Uście Gorlickie


SK: wooden church in Vyšná Polianka
PL: wooden church in Śnietnica,
it is possible to ride a horse in the whole area, Hańczowa centre

How to get there:

SK: from the direction of Bardejov on road no. 77 - Nižná Polianka
 PL: from the direction of Grybów on road no. 981 - turn left - in the direction of Brunary


SK: the nerest railway station Bardejov is 13 km away
PL: the nearest railway station Grybów is 17 km away


SK: Stebnícka Huta, Smilno, Bardejov
PL: Śnietnica, Hanzowa, Wysowa, Uście Gorlickie

Bike rental:

Kúpele and Biawena‎ Sanatorium in Wysowa Zdrój


SK: Bardejov
PL: Uście Gorlickie

Bicycle: TB, MTB

długość szlaku:
min wysokość:
max wysokość:

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