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Among wild animals, Ożenna– the border of the country

The track leads from the centre of Ożenna to the pass of Beskidy Mountains on the Polish – Slovakian border. read more

The track starts in Ożenna and leads on the asphalt road to the pass of the Beskidy Mountains and the Polish – Slovakian border. Further, the blue trail leads East, on the other hand following the Slovakian trail one will find himself heading towards South, and the red trail – the so called border trail – will take us to the East.

The blue trail is a fragment of the long distance trail (445 kilometres) leading from Grybow towards Bieszczady Mountains and further to the Przemyskie Foothills and finally to Rzeszów.

The course of the trail: Ożenna – Polish – Slovakian border

Length of the trail: 3 kilometres

Super elevation: 100 meters

The crossing time: min. 1 h 00 min, max. 0 h 45 min

GOT points: from 4 to 3 points


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Beskid Niski, guide, group of editors., Pruszków, 2002.

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